Lindsey Pentith

Amputee of 11 years / ABOOAL Secretary & Temporary Treasurer

Hi there, my name is Lindsey, and I'm a bilateral trans-tibial amputee of nearly eleven years.

(Double Below Knee)

I had to undergo amputations six months apart, but I adapted well to my prostheses and have been able to walk unaided for almost ten years now!

Despite the hurdles I had to overcome, I never let anything hold me back. 

I'm a Type 1 diabetic and have been dealing with diabetic complications for some time, including peripheral and autonomic neuropathy.

Unfortunately, these complications led to Osteomyelitis in my feet and ankles, which in turn, led to my amputations.

But you know what? That didn't stop me!

Since my surgeries, I've had a new lease of life, and I can do so much more than I could before. 

If anyone asks, I say "it's not as bad as you think"! and it really isn't!

I'm always pushing myself to try new things and I never let my disability hold me back.

I'm passionate about sharing my story and inspiring others to believe in themselves and their abilities, no matter what challenges they may face.

I'm a firm believer that staying active and healthy is essential, especially when living with a disability.

I'm excited to see what the future holds!

ABOOAL was so helpful and informative during the difficult time post sugeries and meeting other amputees who were going through the same things as me was very important and extremely helpful. I was so inspired by the people I met I decided to get involved and become a volunteer for the charity. I have a passion for helping others and making a difference in my community.

I later became the Secretary of ABOOAL and I help arrange social evenings and maintain the website and social media accounts amongst other things! 

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